• Everett, Washington — Cascade Law is proud to report a jury verdict of $6.5 million for our client in Snohomish County Superior Court

    In a case tried before Judge Anna Alexander, Cascade Law’s team - consisting of Cascade Law founding partner Joseph W. Moore, Joshua Trumbull (Wells Trumbull), and David Nauheim (Law Offices of David Nauheim) - celebrates a positive outcome for its client. The defense counsel, representing the defendant and State Farm, were Jennifer Kim and Christopher Roess.   
    Attorney Joe Moore did most of the speaking and trial arguments; attorney Joshua Trumbull drafted jury selection, opening and closing statements (among other things), and attorney David Nauheim conducted the direct examination of the sole doctor to testify. The result could not have been accomplished without the team effort – notably including support staff Ashley Brogan and Kaia Hrachovec. As Joe notes, “Josh was a brilliant strategist, writer, and director, which allowed me to relax and connect with the jurors and witnesses.”   As a result of her 2017 accident, our client - who was only 24 years old at the time - suffers from chronic and permanent pain: pain that that State Farm minimized as a mere “soft tissue” injury. While State Farm’s entire defense essentially painted her a liar, Joe was able to focus the jury on our client’s human pain, loss, and limitations; our client's stories were raw and emotional. Multiple jurors cried throughout her testimony and during closing. It was very obvious to everyone in the courtroom that our client’s life had been devastated by the chronic pain.   
    There was an extraordinary amount of work that went into this case before trial that allowed our client to tell her story without some of the typical defense attacks in the way. All three Plaintiff’s attorneys spent numerous hours arguing pretrial motions and spent significant time with our client to discover the truth of her experience.   
    Joe says, “While we believe our client deserved more - I am proud at the work we accomplished as a team for the results our client received on a case that most other law firms would have settled early on, for a fraction of our verdict. We believe that our clients’ stories deserve sharing, and we strive to make their voices heard.”  
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    Cascade Law PLLC is one of the top Plaintiff’s law firms in the Pacific Northwest, representing only individuals and small businesses who have been harmed by a wrongful death, serious bodily injury, catastrophic loss, wrongful insurance denial, or other serious damage requiring the skills and experience of a complex Plaintiff’s litigation team. Cascade Law was founded in 2021 to serve its core mission of four guiding principles:    Give a Voice | Shine a Light | Hold Accountable | Tell the Story